Partnerships and ecumenism

Protestant, Catholic, New Apostolic - ultimately, the Christian faith is about the one confession of the triune God who revealed himself to mankind in Jesus Christ. This is what unites Christians worldwide, even though it can be thought and lived in very different ways in the various denominations.

Many congregations in the church district therefore cultivate local fellowship with Christians of other denominations in ecumenical services, joint Bible weeks, St Martin's Day celebrations and the like.

Often there are also partnerships with Protestant congregations in other federal states or abroad.

Ecumenical partnership triangle: Brandenburg - England - Baden

At church district level, relations have been maintained for many years with the Protestant church district of Markgräflerland in the Baden regional church, and for some time now also with the Anglican diocese of Canterbury (Great Britain). During the joint meeting in 2015 in the church district of Zossen-Fläming and Wittenberg, a joint declaration was signed.

On the occasion of the signing and as a sign of hope, the three regions also jointly adopted one of the trees in the Luther Garden (Lutherstadt Wittenberg).

In addition, the annual partnership meetings contribute to learning from each other and standing up for each other.

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