District Concil

The District Church Council governs the church district. It fulfils the tasks of the district synod and performs its duties between sessions. It usually meets monthly, either digitally or in person in Zossen or Luckenwalde. It has 15 members, half of whom are full-time and half of whom are volunteers. The District Church Council is chaired by Superintendent Katrin Rudolph.

Members of the District Church Council:
    • Frank Ahlborn, Gräbendorf
    • Jens Bärmann, Luckenwalde 
    • Jörg Borleis, Teupitz
    • Andreas Hemmerling, Sperenberg 
    • Michael Henseler, Halbe
    • Claudia Holke-Gottlob, Sperenberg
    • Andreas Horstmann, Motzen
    • Carola Kunze, Felgentreu
    • Wolfgang Liesigk, Langenlipsdorf
    • Kornelia Puls, Luckenwalde
    • Britta Rostalsky, Dahme/Mark
    • Katrin Rudolph, Zossen 
    • Uwe Schüler, Mahlow 
    • Nico Steffen, Teupitz
    • Helga Wunderlich, Ludwigsfelde