The Church District of Zossen-Fläming has around 28.000 members in 26 parishes. The area is very diverse and ranges from the southern "Speckgürtel" of Berlin to the charming Dahme lake area and the no less interesting Fläming.

There are many smaller, traditional towns and villages to discover, such as the Paul Gerhardt town of Mittenwalde, Zinna with its former Cistercian abbey, or Jüterbog, where in the 16th century Johannes Tetzel's sale of indulgences gave rise to Martin Luther's famous 95 Theses in neighbouring Wittenberg.

But the district town of Luckenwalde with its St. Johannis Church, the small town of Dahme/Mark or the village of Rosenthal with its almost 1.000-year-old "Peter and Paul" Church also deserve mention, as do most of the more than 130 churches in the region!